Peppa Pig Save The Balloon 3D Game

Peppa Pig is popular with little children of all ages. No matter if they are little boys or girls, kids in general cannot get enough of Peppa and all her little friends. The Peppa Pig Save The Balloon 3D Game is one of the most fun ways for your child to play with your and their own little friends. The game captures everything that makes Peppa Pig such a charming show.

One of the things that makes the Peppa Pig Save The Balloon 3D Game so great is that rather than use a standard flat board. The game takes place in Peppa Pigs house. You use an actual 3D house that has the living room, bedroom and the attic as well. This is very well made and the house is quite robust as the pieces are strong foam so you do not have to worry about younger children breaking it easily. Also it is very easy to put together and take apart.

The idea of the game is that Peppa, George, Rebecca Rabbit and Suzy Sheep were all playing when George’s balloon flew away to the top of the house! Now the kids have until the sun goes down to get the balloon back. It is a very fun and exciting game and instead of the kids playing against each other. They are actually all working together to try and get the balloon back. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and make the game that extra bit fun as well.

The game is for up to four players and each player gets to use a playing piece that is in the shape of one of the characters. A spinning wheel and character cards make this one very fun, exciting and unpredictable game that your child will want to play again and again.

The Peppa Pig Save The Balloon 3D Game is the perfect gift for any child that loves Peppa Pig.