Peppa Pig Sorting Box Puzzle

Little children all over the world love Peppa Pig. It is by far one of the biggest hits of the past ten years. A huge part of what makes Peppa Pig so popular with younger children is just how charming it is. Peppa, George and the rest of their friends are just so adorable it is impossible for kids not to love them. The Peppa Pig Sorting Box Puzzle takes the charm of the show and turns it into a fun, but also very educational toy.

The Peppa Pig Sorting Box Puzzle is made from strong wood so it is perfect for small children who like to play a little bit rough. This box puzzle is very robust so you do not have to worry about your child breaking it after five minutes. This is going to give them many, many years of fun. The actual box has some awesome Peppa Pig artwork on it. It has Peppa and all her school friends enjoying spending time together. It really is very adorable and your child will love seeing Peppa and all her friends together.

The Peppa Pig Sorting Box Puzzle comes with four puzzle pieces. There is a triangle, square, circle and rectangle. The idea is that your child needs to put the right block through the right hole. This is fun, but it also helps their hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and colour identification. Each of the blocks has a different Peppa Pig character on it which the kids are going to love. The top of the puzzle box can easily slide off once they have placed all the pieces inside so they can play again. The box also serves as its own storage case so you never have to worry about the pieces getting lost.

The Peppa Pig Sorting Box Puzzle is a fantastic gift idea for any little Peppa Pig fan. It is fun and also educational so it is the perfect gift!

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