Peppa Pig Wooden Stacker

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s TV shows in the whole world right now and this is especially true for preschool aged children. When the TV show ends, the fun with Peppa, George and the rest of the family does not have to end right there! The Peppa Pig Wooden Stacker is here to give them hours and hours of fun with Peppa, Suzy, Danny and the rest of her friends.

The Peppa Pig Wooden Stacker is one very well made preschool toy. It is a solid piece of wood that has four child safe pegs sticking out of it. This is made with very strong wood so you do not have to worry about your child breaking this easily. They have used wood that is robust so this is going to be able to take the kind of rough play that preschool kids are known for.

To go onto these pegs are 8 wooden blocks. Each block has the top and the bottom of a character. There is Peppa, George, Suzy, Daddy and many more of your child’s favourite characters. The idea of this is your child needs to put the pieces onto the blocks to make up the characters. Of course at first they will want to put Peppa’s head with Peppa’s bottom, but it will not take them long to realise that the real fun comes from mixing the characters up!

Have George’s head with Peppa’s bottom and other funny combinations. The Peppa Pig Wooden Stacker is sure to result in a lot of laughter coming from your child. As well as making them laugh, it will also help with their hand eye coordination.

If you are looking for a special gift for your child, grandchild or even as a present for someone else’s kid. The Peppa Pig Wooden Stacker would make a fantastic and low priced gift that will provide hours of fun.