Peppa Pig's Alphabet Pin Puzzle - Peppa Pig

Boys and girls from all over the world love to watch Peppa Pig. For over a decade now it has proven time and time again to be one of the most popular kids TV shows. The Peppa Pig's Alphabet Pin Puzzle is the perfect way for your child to keep having some fun with Peppa and all her school friends once the show is finished.

The Peppa Pig's Alphabet Pin Puzzle is made to last. It is made of strong wooden pieces so that your child will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. It has been made with rough play in mind as preschool aged children do have a tendency to play a little rough. Still keeping preschool aged children in mind. A lot of care has gone into making sure that the edges are not sharp or jagged so it is just as safe as it is robust.

The Peppa Pig's Alphabet Pin Puzzle has six large puzzle pieces that your child will need to put back in their place. Each piece has a slightly different shape so as well as helping their hand eye coordination. This puzzle will also help them with their problem solving abilities.

The theme of this puzzle is the alphabet. Each of the pieces has a popular character from the Peppa Pig TV show. There is Peppa Pig, Emily Elephant, Danny Dog, Candy Cat and Rebecca Rabbit. Each of these characters has a backpack on so they must be on their way to school! The sixth puzzle piece is the one your child is sure to really like as it is Peppa’s little brother George who also has a cute little backpack on so he must be hopeful he can join his sister at school.

The Peppa Pig's Alphabet Pin Puzzle would be the perfect gift for a child who just cannot get enough Peppa Pig!