Peter Rabbit - First Feeding Set

The Peter Rabbit - First Feeding Set is going to really make sure that meal times with your child is a lot of fun. Beatrix Potter’s fantastic line up of characters, even one hundred years later after they were first published still manage to beloved by children from all over the world. This amazing feeding set is sure to make meals times that little bit extra fun and cute.

This incredible first feeding set comes with everything you need to make mealtimes easier. It contains a bib, spoon and bowl.

The bowl has some tremendous Peter Rabbit artwork on it. It features Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottentail. But do not worry as that grouchy, Mr McGregor is nowhere to be found. The really neat thing about this is the way your child will want to eat all that is in the bowl so they can see Peter and friends at the bottom of it. The bottom of this bowl has a non-slip rubber ring. This means that there is far less chance of your child being able to slide it off the table and onto the floor!

To help keep their clothes clean is a bib that is made from melamine which is child safe and also very easy to clean. So while no doubt half the contents of their Peter Rabbit bowl will be on the bib. Cleaning it will be no hassle at all. The bib in the Peter Rabbit - First Feeding Set features some more of that awesome Beatrix Potter artwork.

The spoon is a child safe spoon that has been made to be the perfect size for babies hands. So as they are learning to feed themselves this little spoon is going to come in very handy.

The Peter Rabbit - First Feeding Set is an adorable feeding set that is just ideal. The price is very low for such a high quality feeding set so snap it up now!