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Play and Outdoors Games and Toys

We love to hear about kids having fun and that is why we have the best selection of gifts that are all about play & outdoors. No matter if you are looking for toys, games, sports gear or whatever it is. We will have it and your kids will have a great time playing with it! We have five sections in our Play & Outdoors section, Adventure, Imaginative Play, Construction, Sport and Craft and Activity.

If you want your child to have a little bit of adventure you cannot go wrong with our You Choose… Four Interactive Novels For The Highly Adventurous. These are a throwback to those classic choose your own adventure books where you the reader decide the actions of the characters! Your child is going to have a lot of fun reading these books and they will really spark their imagination.

guardians of the galaxyWatching your child use their imagination can be a lot of fun and one of the best ways to encourage imaginative way is with our line of Busy Books. Each Busy Book contains a set of action figures, a play mat and a large board book that tells a story. They can use the figures and the mat to recreate the story or they can come up with something on their own. We have Busy Books in many different styles such as Beauty & The Beast, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, Thomas The Tank Engine, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Spider-Man, The Avengers and many, many more.

When it comes to toys based on construction we have lots of great items for your child. Ranging from building blocks based on Peppa Pig and Thomas The Tank Engine for the younger kids to our awesome Construct It sets for older kids. Construct It Sets allow your child to build things like a robot or an excavator, but they can use the metal pieces to make anything that their imagination can think of!

We know that some kids love to play sports and that is why we are dedicating a whole section of the site here at Dave’s Deals to fantastic sports toys, games and gear so keep an eye open and you will see all the football, basketball, rugby gear and much more right here at Dave’s Deals.

Watching a child make something or even making something with them is always a fun time. We have some truly fantastic craft and activity sets here at Dave’s Deals two fo the most popular ones are actually based on making things with socks! That is right our Sock Crocodile and Sock Monkey are very popular and your child will have a wonderful time using their creativity and fine motor skills to make themselves a new sock buddy!

Our play & outdoors section is one that we are very proud of here at Dave’s Deals and we are sure that you will find that perfect gift for your child right here. So no matter what they are in to have a good look and find that right gift which is going to put a big smile on their face.