Pre School Activities

Keep the children entertained with our range of pre school activities. We know that entertaining kids of this age can be very hard and you want to make sure that they are having fun. Well we have lots and lots of toys, games and art sets that they will really enjoy.

If you want something artsy then we have lost to choose from. A couple of the more popular ones are, Build & Paint A Freight Train, Let's Make Little Artist Art Studio and Jurassic World Press-Out Model Box. These are things that the kids can make and then take home to their parents which is why these are such popular pre school activities.

If you want something that they can actually play with then we have two, 100 building block packs. One based on Peppa Pig the other Thomas Tank Engine. With 100 blocks of different sizes and different pictures of characters on them, their imaginations will run wild as they make towers, houses, monsters and anything else they can think of. Plus these come in huge tubs so once they are done playing, tidying up is very easy.

We also have some fantastic sets that mix toys with books. These are very popular and we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dinosaurs Love Underpants as well as a few others.

You get a fun book that you can read with them and a plush toy as well. We also have plenty of plush toys and a huge selection of books as well. Pre school kids always love plush toys and we have some great characters they will love to play with.

We have worked really hard to make sure that we have a great range of toys, books, games and activities. So no matter if you have lots of little boys, girls or a mix at your daycare. You will find that we have the best pre school activities.