Preschool Activity Books

Keeping preschool aged kids occupied and happy is easy to do with our great selection of preschool activity books. We have the most fun, best priced and popular books that will keep kids entertained for hours and hours!

First of all, we have this amazing Minions Minion-Sized Box of Books. This set comes with four funny books that will let the kids draw, read and in general just have a lot of fun. Minions are very popular so we see these books being a very big hit at your daycare. Garry Fleming's Dinosaurs Fun Pack has all a child needs for a good time and it is one of our most popular preschool activity books. You get a great set of dinosaur erasers and colouring pencils, plus an awesome activity book. This is part of a range and in the Garry Fleming range we also have a sea creatures and a wild animals set. These are very popular and are something preschool aged children would have a lot of fun with.

For little girls who love Disney Princess, we have one of the most amazing activity book sets. Our Disney Princess Ariel set has lots of fun stickers, colouring books, activity books and even story books! It is a great set and you get a lot of stuff with it, making this one of the best value preschool activity books. For children who are a bit more hands on and creative, we have the fantastic Build Your Own Minions Press-Out Model Book. As we said earlier, Minions are very popular and with this book. The children can press out different Minion characters and make their own little models. This is something that they will have a lot of fun with and they can use the Minion’s to decorate the daycare or they can take them home to their parents as a special gift.

In all, we have some of the best preschool activity books on the whole web so have a good look at our selection and you will see that the children you are looking after. Will be very entertained by these books!