Preschool Books

We are very proud of our selection of preschool books. This is a very important age for kids and while under your care. You can do some real good by getting them interested in reading. Thanks to our fantastic selection of books for preschool kids. You will find that getting the children to want to read is very easy to do.

One of the easiest ways to get a child interested in books is with our interactive books. We have plenty of books that also make sounds, but two of the more popular ones are Disney Pixar: Cars: Mater's Surprise and Disney Brave : Play-A-Sound Book Disney Pixar. Both of these preschool books feature a fun story, but they also have buttons for the kids to press at certain points in the story. You can read the story to them while they press the buttons at the right time.

If you want to make your money go as far as possible then you will really like the Alphaprints Box Set. This awesome box set features four books with each one having its own theme, animals, numbers, colours and words are the four books. This is great value and the kids will really enjoy the books as they are easy to follow and very colourful.

Another popular attraction in our preschool books section is Five Minute Bedtime Stories. This is the perfect book for when you want to calm things down and get the kids more relaxed. These are charming stories that are designed to grab the kids attention and calm them down. This we are sure would be a huge hit with every day care and childcare centre!

We want you to get as much bang for your buck as possible and you certainly get that with Mixed Up Fairy Tales. This is an eight book set that features classic fairy tales such as The Big Bad Wolf and The Gingerbread Man. These classics are some of the best preschool books you can get!