Preschool Games

We feel that the best preschool games are ones that the kids will find fun, get them to work together and in general be something that they are very excited to play with. We have made sure to have games based on all their favourite characters. Things like Peppa Pig, Thomas The Tank Engine, Paw Patrol and Frozen just to name a few.

We have some very popular games that pre-schoolers just love. One of the most popular ones is Doc Mcstuffins Fish Card Game which is a game that kids will really like as they have to find their favourite Doc McStuffins characters. Preschool games like this are always a lot of fun and this one is sure to keep the kids entertained for ages.

Our Peppa Pig Pile Up Game is another game that is very popular with preschool aged children. This game is made from solid wooden blocks so it is very “child resistant” and is going to last a long time. The kids will have a lot of fun as they try to stack up all the Peppa Pig characters without them crashing down! There is lots of fun to be had here and this is a game that is ideal when it comes to preschool games as it can be played by just one child or a few of them working together.

Another very popular game is Snakes & Ladders Giant Game. This is the classic game of snakes and ladders, but the twist here is the game board is so large it takes up a huge part of the floor! This is something the kids will get a real kick out of as they have to move around the large board just to move their playing piece. This is a game that is great when it is sunny outside and you will see right away why it is one of our most popular preschool games.