Roald Dahl 15-Book Box Set

Roald Dahl 15-Book Box Set

Roald Dahl is without a doubt one of if not the greatest author of children’s books the world has ever seen. Even all these years later, Roald Dahl’s stories are able to capture a child’s imagination in a way that other simply cannot. This fantastic Roald Dahl 15-Book Box Set is the best way to get your child into the exciting world of Roald Dahl.

There is many, many hours  of fun to be had with this boxset and most of the books in this collection are so good that your child will want to read them over and over again. We are sure that a few of you adults will also want to relive your childhood and have a read of them as well!

Roald Dahl 15-Book Box Set

This is the complete Roald Dahl collection and features some of the most highly acclaimed children’s books that have ever been written. The timeless classics in this collection are

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Charlie And The Glass Elevator

The Witches


Going Solo

The Fantastic Mr Fox


Danny The Champion Of The World


The  Twits

The Magic Finger

The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me

James & The Giant Peach

George's Marvelous Medicine

Esio Trot

As you can see this is one very impressive collection and we are sure that once your child has finished one story they will jump straight into the next one. The collection comes in a very smart looking slipcase that features some very attractive artwork. Speaking of artwork. Each of the books has had new artwork drawn that will help capture the imagination of a whole new generation of children. Many children may grow up with the movie versions of these stories, well now you can show them where the movies the love come from with this incredible box set.

Roald Dahl 15-Book Box SetThe Roald Dahl 15-Book Box Set is a truly incredible collection and would make for a great gift that will be able to be enjoyed for a very long time.
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