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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the characters from Star Wars would never have guessed that they’d travel from their home planets all the way to households across Earth in modern times. Let the Force awaken in your very home with our unique selection of Star Wars books, games and other merchandise. Every piece in our collection is guaranteed to pique the interest of true-blue junkies and even ignite the passion for devotees-in-the-making.

Star Wars Puzzle GameOffering a way to keep young brains busy at work, the Star Wars Episode 7 100-Piece Puzzle In A Foil Bag is a great educational toy for kiddie fans. The bag features Captain Phasma on the cover, one of the new villains that graced the screens in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The leader of the First Order’s legions of stormtroopers, she is characterized by her imposing suit and armor—metallic finish with a black and red cape. You’d have so much fun solving this jigsaw puzzle with your little one that you’d have spent hours playing without knowing it. Packaged in a light bag with resealable flaps, it is easy to transport, store and take with you wherever. The whole puzzle measures 15 in x 11.25 in when assembled and comes with small parts. We recommend this activity for children at least 3 years old.

Strengthen the Force within your family and friends with Pictopia: The Ultimate Picture-Trivia Game ( Star Wars Edition). Go from Padawan learner to Jedi Master as you put your knowledge of all things Star Wars to the test. Kids as young as seven years old can definitely challenge their playmates, siblings or their own parents to play a competitive round of this uniquely collaborative trivia game. There are 200 placards listing 1000 questions in total, covering everything from epic battles to faraway planets and fan-favorite characters. Children and adults alike are always kept on their toes as there would be times players are forced to work alone or with each other to get past the trivia question. Prepare to crush your competitors in Death Star levels of planetary destruction - all in good fun, of course.Star Wars Pictopia Games

Have your youngsters immerse themselves deeper into the Star Wars universe with children’s literature. Based on the blockbuster movies that have stood the test of time, the Ultimate Star Wars Library is a fantastic addition to your child’s growing collection. The set houses 20 paperback books, each illustrated with full-color images. It also comes with a pull-out poster as a cool extra. Here, little Padawan learners get to know more about the beloved characters and their backstories as well as spin-off tales from the original trilogy and later prequels. The books are classified into the following reading levels:

Level 1: Beginning to Read
Are Ewoks Scared Of Stormtroopers?
Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story
Ready, Set, Podrace!
Tatooine Adventures
Who Saved The Galaxy?
What Is A Wookiee?

Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone
The Adventures Of C-3PO
The Adventures Of Hans Solo
Bounty Hunters For Hire
Clone Troopers In Action
Join The Rebels
Journey Through Space
A Queen’s Diary
R2-D2 And Friends
Death Star Battles

Level 3: Reading Alone
Feel The Force
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight
The Legendary Yoda
Star Pilot
The Story Of Darth Vader

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