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Dive deep into the undersea world of The Octonauts, a daring team of eight explorers whose adventures are chronicled in the hit CGI-animated TV show. Based on the American-Canadian children’s books of the same name, The Octonauts are always ready to make waves wherever they go. Whether they navigate through the perilous Great Ghost Reef or even above ground in the treacherous rainforests of the Amazon.

Children tuning in are amazed at how they fearlessly navigate unfamiliar territories, deploying a fleet of aquatic vehicles, especially their home base, the Octopod. They are always eager to take the plunge into the unknown to “explore, rescue, and protect”, as their motto goes.

Reporting for duty are Captain Barnacles, the gutsy polar bear crew leader, Kwazii, the thrill-seeking kitten ex-pirate, Peso, the life-saving penguin medic, Dashi, the brainy Dachshund manager and photographer, Dr. Shellington, the nerdy sea otter scientist, Tweak, the tech-savvy bunny engineer for the Octopod and Professor Inkling, the brilliant octopus oceanographer. And who could forget Tunip? He is one of the many Vegimals, a special part-vegetable, part-animal underwater critter, who’s always game for environmental excursions.

Octonauts Dinner Set Daves DealsPrepare your child to join in their mission with our Octonauts-themed tableware. These adorable items might even get your picky eater’s appetites going. All frowns will be turned upside down once they see their Octonaut pals right there with them on the dining table! Check out The Octonauts 3-Piece Dinner Set, which includes a 21 cm dinner plate, a 14 cm bowl and a 280 ml tumbler. It has everything parents need to add a dash of adventure for their tiny tots during mealtimes at home. Use them to serve everything from milk and cereals, macaroni and cheese or meat pies with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. All three items are made from polypropylene and are non-breakable, so your babies stay safe when they are dropped on the ground, while you are spared from the hassle of clean-up.

Octonauts Placemat Daves DealsAnother thing that could save you time and effort in clearing the table? The Octonauts Lenticular Placemat. The plastic material allows for easy cleanup and quick drying results. Enhanced with a 3D effect, the design features Captain Barnacles and the rest of his crewmates in action, saving the world one creature at a time.

So head back to your station - the dining one, that is - with these exclusive collectibles brought to you by Dave’s Deals. Contact us today to learn more about new arrivals in our selection and to inquire about our existing products.

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