One of the most fantastic and wonderful departments we have here at Dave’s Deals is Traditional. You may be wondering just what on earth our Traditional department has in store for you, but if you love things like fairy tales, stories of adventure, stores that involve princesses and even classics that you read as a child and that your own parents read to you. Traditional is the right department that you need to be looking at.

The first part of our Traditional department is fairytale. Here you will find all kinds of wonderful stories such as our amazing My Fairytale Time which is a charming box set that contains 8 fairytales which are perfect for bedtime reading.

Next up we have Princesses and there is not a little girl on the planet who does not wish she could swim under the sea like the Little Mermaid, have a pet tiger like Princess Jasmine, be a singing frog like Tiana and fall in love with the beast like Belle. Disney Princesses are one of the most popular things going when it comes to gifts for little girls these days. Here at Dave’s Deals we have kissed many frogs, rubbed many lamps and danced with woodland creatures to make sure that our Princess section is full to the brim with great gift ideas.

We have some of the best Disney Princess books around. Beauty And The Beast, Brave, The Little Mermaid, Moana and much more are here. We have a range of box sets that have multiple books and we even offer budget priced single books which are perfect when you need a cheap, but an exciting gift for a birthday party. We even have a whole range of Disney Princess games and toys! One of the most popular being our Busy Books which come in multiple styles such as Beauty And The Beast and Moana, as well as a book, your child gets a series of little toys to play with as well!

The last section in our Traditional department is classics and this is one section that we have had a lot of fun with. When it comes to classics, we have plenty of classic gift ideas ranging from classic toys, costumes, and books. Speaking of books, we have many of the classics that you read as a kid which you can now pass on to your own child. Books like The Wizard Of Oz, Jack And The Beanstalk and many more. We even have a selection of box sets that feature all kinds of classic tales that have been enjoyed for generations.

So while at first glance you may wonder just what kind of amazing gift ideas can be in a department called Traditional. We are sure that once you have spent just a few minutes browsing our fantastic selection that you will have a smile on your face at the thought of how happy that Disney Princess game or that classic book you are looking at is going to make the special person you are buying a gift for.