67 Piece Junior Art Set in Wooden Carry Case

Product Description
This 67-Piece Junior Art Set is the perfect starter kit to explore a variety of artistic styles, guaranteed to harness the creative spirit and help you on your way to mastering the art of painting and drawing. Stored inside a convenient wood case, this set would make the perfect gift for the aspiring artist in your life! 67 Piece set includes: > 12 pcs Colouring Pencils 12 pcs Oil Pastels 12 pcs Colour Markers 12 pcs Crayons 1 pc Brush 1 pc Glue 1 pc Eraser 1 pc Sharpener 1 pc Palette 1 pc Graphite Pencil 1 pc Ruler
$19.99 AUD $34.95 AUD

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