7 Days In Myanmar, by Denis D. Gray, John Falconer and Nicholas Grossman

Product Description
One country. Seven days. Thirty photographers. Over a single week they created a spectacular photographic portrait of one of the world's most exciting destinations. Through the downtown streets of Yangon and the handicraft centres of Mandalay, above the temple-dotted plains of Bagan and on the waters of Inlay Lake, inside border towns and hill tribe villages and all the way to the furthest research of the north and south, the rich culture, stunning landscapes and diverse peoples of the country formerly known as Burma were captured for a unique visual time capsule. The hundred of outstanding original photographs are complemented by detailed caption, a fascinating essay on the advent of photography in nineteenth century Burma and an engaging introduction to Myanmar's past and present. 7 Days in Myanmar reveals why the world is watching Myanmar and why Myanmar is ready for the world.
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