Alice Miranda Boxset - Books 1-6 - By Jacqueline Harvey

Product Description

The Alice Miranda Boxset has proven to be one of the most popular boxsets for young girls who want to read about a character they can relate to. Alice Miranda is a modern kind of girl and in these books, she goes on all kinds of adventures. Boarding school may sound boring, but not when you are Alice Miranda!

The Alice Miranda Boxset contains the first six books in the Alice Miranda series.

Alice Miranda at School: Alice Miranda starts boarding school, how will she fit in, will she make friends and why is this place so weird? Alice learns that being away at boarding school is not all that bad.

Alice Miranda on Holiday: Alice and her friend from school, Jacinta Headlington-Bear are going on holiday to relax……. But relax is the last thing they are going to get to do as they find out that even on holiday there is adventure to be had.

Alice Miranda Takes the Lead: Alice is excited to be in the school play, but problems with boys at the next school and the potential of a witch in the woods may put a downer on the play! This is one of the most popular books in the whole Alice Miranda series!

Alice Miranda at Sea: Alice is one a luxury boat for her aunts wedding, but a jewel thief, a mysterious boy and a feeling she has seen the captain before make her think something is up!

Alice Miranda in New York: Alice is in the big city. Skyscrapers, central park, shops and much more.

Alice Miranda Shows The Way: It is Alice’s birthday and she is excited for a day at the races. But the best horse won’t leave the stable! Can Alice show him the way?

The whole collection is kept safe and tidy in a really cool slipcase that little girls are going to love having on display on their shelf or desk. The slipcase has some awesome artwork which goes with the style of Alice Miranda very well.

If you want to give a child a gift that they are truly going to cherish then the Alice Miranda box set is that gift. These are very well written books that a child will love, plus the fact they come in a really snazzy looking slipcase makes them a fantastic gift.

Titles Include:

  • Alice Miranda at School
  • Alice Miranda on Holiday
  • Alice Miranda Takes the Lead
  • Alice Miranda at Sea Alice
  • Miranda in New York Alice
  • Miranda Shows The Way
$59.95 AUD

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