Anyone Can Draw Create Sensational Artworks in Easy Steps - By Barrington Barber

Product Description
In this enjoyable drawing guide, Barrington Barber takes as his starting point the belief that anyone, whatever their experience, can learn to draw well. Beginning with the basics of mark-making, he shows how line, tone, proportion, and careful observation can be combined to create convincing, realistic drawings. Designed with absolute novices in mind, as well as those who would love to revive their skills, this book will enable all users to take pleasure in the activity of drawing. Sections include: Marks and Materials, Line Drawing, Tonal Drawing, Observation in Drawing, Proportions and Perspective, Composition, and Useful Practices and Projects. About the Author After training as a graphic designer, Barrington Barber went into advertising, working for top agencies such as Ogilvy and Mather, before progressing to freelance design and producing illustrations for a range of books and magazines. Currently he combines teaching art with a successful career as a commercial illustrator and fine artist.
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