Re-Kindling The Art of Chinese Painting

Product Description
Relax the mind, and inspire your inner artist with Chinese Brush Painting!

Join internationally acclaimed artist Danny Han-Lin Chen as he guides you on a wonderful journey to discovering Chinese Brush Painting. He has thoughtfully selected 12 beautiful exercises that bridge both traditional and modern subjects and techniques; each lesson is intended to build on the previous one to guide you as you develop the skills you will need to enjoy this medium.

In addition to the stunning, full-color 64-page book, this kit comes complete with all of the supplies needed to start you on the road to Chinese brush painting. Experience the joy of this beautiful art form!

This Chinese Brush Painting Kit Includes:
  • 1 Instruction book 
  • 1 Cartridge pen 
  • 5 Sheets of rice paper 
  • 1 Practice pad
  • 1 Ink stone 
  • 1 Brush 
  • 5 5 ml (0.17 us fl oz) tubes of watercolor paint 
  • 1 Sheet of reusable slate paper
$24.95 AUD $34.95 AUD