Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle

Product Description

Brighten the playroom with this 3-foot puzzle!

46 large puzzle pieces | Great for play dates & rainy days

Your child will want to hero up and assemble the Avengers with this awesome and exciting, Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle. This thing is huge! So huge that even the Hulk would have a fun time putting it together. This floor puzzle is sure to provide hours and hours of fun for any super hero fan!

The Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle is over three feet in size when it is built. Your child is going to find it really exciting putting this together. This is no normal, little square puzzle. This puzzle is massive and that is what will make it so much fun for your child. This puzzle is made with 46 large pieces and it does pose a fair challenge. As The Avengers are all so different in their colour, your child will need to use their problem solving skills and motor skills to put them together.

Based on the hit animate TV series, Avengers Assemble. The Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle features artwork from the TV show. The puzzle features, Captain America, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Falcon and Nick Fury. It is a very cool design and something your child will want to build time and time again.

This large floor puzzle comes in a really cool looking box that has exciting Avengers artwork on it. This lets your child know what the picture they are building should look like. But the box also can be used again to keep the puzzle stored away safely.

The Marvel Avengers Floor Puzzle would make a great gift for any super hero fan. It is available for a very low price, but it provides a high amount of fun. This is something that they will have a very fun time with and it also will help develop their motor skills and problem solving abilities. After putting this together a few times, your child very well could become the next, Iron Man!


  • Avengers kids' toys
  • Design: Floor Puzzle
  • Pack contents: 46 pieces
  • Materials: Cardboard
  • Recommended for ages: 3+ years
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 91.4 x 60.9
$12.95 AUD $16.95 AUD