Beatrix Potter Over-Sized Shaped Board Book Collection By: Beatrix Potter

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Young children love the Beatrix Potter stories and with the Beatrix Potter Over-Sized Shaped Board Book Collection. They can now have their very own book collection that they will want to take with them everywhere they go. Beatrix Potter’s characters have been entertaining children for over a century and this collection is the perfect way to introduce a child to this world of great characters, fun stories and just timeless tales.

This board book collection contains four of the most popular Beatrix Potter tales. The best part about these board books is that they are made for younger children. They are oversized and made to be much stronger than a regular book. This means even when your child has dropped the book for the 23rd time it will still be in good shape.

The Beatrix Potter Over-Sized Shaped Board Book Collection features four of Beatrix Potter’s most popular characters. Each one of them gets to take centre stage in their own story and your child will have a hard time picking their favourite.

Peter Rabbit: Peter Rabbit gets to go on an exciting adventure in Mr. McGregor’s garden. Peter gets up to all kinds of fun in this garden and this is sure to be a story your child asks you to read to them time and time again.

Tom Kitten: Easily one of the most mischievous characters of the Beatrix Potter world, Tom Kitten makes a mess of his clothes in this charming tale that sees him and his sisters get into trouble!

Jemima Puddle Duck: In this story, Jemima Puddle Duck has finally found a nice and safe place to lay her eggs. But she has a helping hand from a mysterious gentleman.

Mr Jeremy Fisher: While on a fishing trip trying to catch some tasty minnows for his supper. My Jeremy Fisher runs into a rather feisty trout!

All four of these stories are just so charming that you will not mind reading them over and over again with your child.


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