Bing Bang Bounce

Product Description

WARNING: This kind of fun draws a crowd! This extreme action-reaction game provides hours of fun and experimentation for all ages! Play on your own or with a group. Set up the Blast-Off Launcher and the four Target Launchers to create exciting obstacle courses or invent NEW games. Players will learn about trajectories, angles, momentum, and game design as they play. Launch your Bing-Bang Ball into the Victory Cup and celebrate with flashing lights and sounds. No matter what, you are sure to have a BLAST!


  • 1 adjustable Blast-Off Launcher 4 adjustable Target Launchers
  • Victory Cup with lights and sound
  • 5 launcher bases
  • 4 targets
  • 6 Bing-Bang Balls
  • Z-fold pamphlet Specs:
3 AAA batteries required Ages: 8+
$19.99 AUD $49.99 AUD

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