Brain Power Cookbook

Product Description
Days filled with energy, a brighter mood, no memory lapses, a good night's sleep...That's what the Brainpower Cookbook can help you achieve. Using the latest research findings, expert nutritionists have created 175 delicious recipes that will help protect your brain and boost alertness, concentration and energy. With recipes ranging from quick-to-prepare snacks and soups to main courses and desserts, you can now help ensure that what you eat actually improves your brainpower. The book also includes quizzes and checklists and a number of easy brain-training puzzles. Key Sales Points * Offers a great selection of recipes that are tailored for optimum brain health, to help improve concentration, mood and performance. * Provides essential information on brain-boosting foods. * Features special recipes for particular situations, e.g. breakfast ideas for sustained energy, lunches to avoid that afternoon slump, or quiz night snacks for fast brain work. * Includes quizzes and checklists, and a fun section with easy brain-training puzzles.
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