Discover the Human Body - Educational Box Set Wonder of Learning

Product Description

Encouraging and Educational Box Sets for Young Learners. A complete Guide to Human Anatomy for children containing reference books, guides, sticker books, jigsaw puzzles and novelty toys.

What happens to the food you eat? Or to the air we breathe? If your little scientist has ever asked you mind-boggling questions about the human body that leave you at a loss for words, fear not - this educational box set has all the answers they're looking for and more! Complete with a reference book, sticker book, wall charts, model skeleton kit, stencil and pencils, they'll find everything they need to discover the fascinating world of the human body.


  • Wonders of Learning educational sets
  • Title: Discover The Human Body
  • Publisher: North Parade Publishing
  • Set includes:
    • Reference book
    • Sticker book
    • Wall charts
    • Model skeleton kit
    • Stencil
    • Stickers
    • Pencils
  • No. of pages: 45
  • Full colour
  • Hardcover
  • A great gift for budding scientists!
  • Age suitability: 3+ years & up
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 31.2 x 23.8

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