Dumb Ass Tin

Product Description

The wrong answer is always right in Dumb Ass, a fast-paced party game from University Games
Even if you’re a Smart Ass, you can still lose!
Great booster pack for the board game
Contains 96 question cards
For 2 or more players, ages 12 and up

Who’s the Dumb Ass among your friends? From the makers of Smart Ass comes a brand new party game, Dumb Ass! Forget about trying to find the correct answer – players are looking for the wrong answer in this game. In Dumb Ass, the correct “wrong” answer will allow the players to move forward. Everyone plays at the same time in this unique party game that puts a fun twist on trivia! This booster pack contains 96 question cards that are a great addition to the Dumb Ass board game, available for separate purchase.

$12.95 AUD $16.95 AUD