Fun With Cool Nails

Product Description

It's time for your hands and nails to glow with good health and a fabulous new look!

 Push, pull, grab, stomp, step, kick, hold, scratch—your hands and feet perform thousands of tasks for you every day. Why not show them some extra appreciation for all the hard work they do by pampering them and making sure they always look and feel their best? This fabulous book and manicure / pedicure kit will teach you how to care for your hands and nails and treat your tootsies to a little TLC. You'll also learn trivia on what your hands say about your personality, and ideas for ways to glam up your look with some cool and funky nail art designs. It’s time to put your best foot (and hand) forward!


This Cool Nails Kit Includes:

- 1 Full-color 40-page instruction book

- 5 Bottles of polish

- 6 Piece manicure/pedicure set

- 1 Sheet of French manicure guide strips

- 150+ Nail art stickers

- 32 Pieces of acetone-free polish removal pads

$19.95 AUD $29.95 AUD