Grandmas Quick & Thrifty Cookbook, by Reader's Digest

Product Description
You can enjoy the satisfaction of home-style cooking and dine handsomely on any budget. This cookbook offers 200 heart-warming recipes handed down from Grandma's generation, updated for today's cook. Packed with clever time- and money-saving tips and tantalising colour photographs, it is an invaluable kitchen companion, showing you how to prepare a host of irresistibly quick, simple and above all economical meals, using readily available ingredients. You'll save with extra thrifty mains like beef pot roast at $3 a serve. Dinner will be on the table in less than 30 minutes with super quick recipes such as beef stroganoff and chicken with cashews, and you'll love the divine desserts like bread and butter pudding. From soups, snacks and salads to hearty mains, luscious desserts and teatime treats, this book shows you how to cook real food - just like Grandma did.
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