Great War Memorabillia DVD Set

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From the Battle of Ypres through to the Treaty of Versailles, relive the horror of WWI over 3 DVDs, plus view unique memorabilia from The National Archives recreated from original materials. Includes; 1914: To Arms The first phase of WWl included the efforts of the British Expeditionary Force at Mons and the brilliant German victory at Tannenberg. The second phase saw both sides attempting to outflank their enemies, but the conflict soon came to be characterised by trench warfare. 1915: Death in Foreign Fields 1915 saw small gains at an enormous cost. British cities were bombed, German U-Boats attacked neutral shipping and gas was used at the Battles of Bolimov, Ypres and Loos. 1916: Stalemate The Germans began their assault on the forts at Verdun, the Russians launched the Brusilov Offensive and the British initiated the Battle of the Somme. At sea, the Royal Navy and German High Seas Fleet clashed at Jutland. 1917: The Breaking of Armies Despite Russia's withdrawal from the conflict there were spectacular Allied gains at Vimy Ridge and the Battle of Messines, leading to the much larger Third Battle of Ypres. The Battle of Cambrai heralded the first time tanks were used. 1918: Germany's Last Gamble The_Germans launched new ‘Storm Trooper' attacks with devastating results. However, a lack of supplies and the outbreak of ‘Spanish Flu‘ hampered their efforts. Panic in the German High Command led to an Armistice and an end to the war on November 11th, 1918. Memorabilia A collection of memorabilia from The Great War, beautifully recreated from original materials at The National Archives, includes a battle map from the conflicts at Jutland; a Casualty Report for Siegfried Sassoon; an excerpt from an official war diary; a certificate from the Women's Land Army; an official postcard message from a sewing British soldier, a replica ticket to the Peace Celebrations of 1919; and a selection of reproduced full colour postcards based on propaganda posters from the time.
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