Hell's Kitchen USA The Complete Series 1

Product Description
Mismatched police detective team James Dempsey and Harriet Makepeace continue their tense and fiery partnership investigating a number of dramatic cases.

Under hot-tempered Gordon Spikings, head of si-10, this unlikely duo tackle major crimes head on with a unique blend of clever and old-school detective work.

Psychopaths, mastermind jewel thieves, vicious gangs, armed robbers, terrorists, counterfeiters, hit men and smugglers are just some of the villiains they encounter in this action-packed second series.

About the Director

Tony Wharmby is an English television director and producer. Wharmby is best known for his directorial work on television series such as JAG, NCIS, The O.C., Bones, Providence, Coronation Street, High Sierra Search and Rescue, The X-Files, Coins in the Fountain, New Scotland Yard, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and Crossing Jordan, as well as many other series and TV movies.

Approximate Running Time: 565 Minutes. 3 DVD Set
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