Holiday Specs - See Christmas In A Whole New Light - 5 Set Gift Pack

Product Description

Be amazed this holiday season as our patented lenses transform ordinary holiday lights, city lights, street lights, and more into magical holiday images. It’s absolutely amazing!

Christmas 3D Glasses! A surprise for your eyes, HOLIDAY SPECS are a one-of-a-kind holiday favorite - perfect for everyone. 

With over 10,000,000 sold around the globe, our special holographic lenses miraculously transform Christmas lights into magical figures.

This Pack Includes 1 each of:

  • Candy Cane
  • Christmas Star
  • Santa's Face
  • Snow Man
  • Reindeer

HOLIDAY SPECS 3D Christmas Glasses are great stocking stuffers & party favours for this season. 
Perfect for kids, teachers, family members, the neighbors, the mailman - ANYONE!


$14.95 AUD $19.95 AUD