Homemade Over 700 Everyday Items That are Easy to Make and Will Save You Money

Product Description
Would you like to save money and avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary packaging by making many of the foods and goods you typically buy at the supermarket, chemist, hardware store or corner shop? Now you can - with the help of "Homemade", a fantastic one-stop source of recipes and instructions for making more natural and less expensive alternatives to many of your favourite brand-name products. "Homemade" includes over 700 recipes for food, beauty and health items and pet and garden products, as well as household cleaning solutions, polishes and compounds. You can save money by making your own, and you will produce less waste by recycling containers and bypassing over-packaged supermarket products. As a final bonus, you'll know exactly what has gone into your homemade product - no additives or mysterious E numbers, just good natural ingredients.
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