How The World Works - Psychology

Product Description
This is an exciting, beautifully illustrated and accessible guide to psychology. After a brief, but illuminating introduction there are eight chapters titled: 'The Ghost in the Machine: What and Where is the Mind?'; 'A Body of Evidence:Measuring the Mind'; 'Mind and Method: How and Why Do We Think?'; 'How Do We Know: Is Knowledge Innate or Acquired?'; 'Making the Mind: The Building Blocks of the Psyche'; 'What Makes You 'You'?: Defining the Self'; 'What Makes You One of Us?: The Self and Society'; 'Out of the Ordinary: Approaches to Abnormal Psychology'. The book ends with a brief 'Conclusion: Mind's End'. Psychology is explained in an engaging way and Anne Rooney's engrossing book is recommended to the general reader wishing to gain some understanding of a fascinating subject.
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