Imagine It : Drawing Animals, by Spicebox

Product Description
We love animals as much as you do, and drawing them has never been so fun! This cool drawing kit teaches you, using super-easy instructions, how to draw crazy cats, funky monkeys or a giant octopus. You'll have lots of fun following the steps, and even if you don't think you are an artist, you will be amazed at what you can draw! With visual step-by-step instructions showing how to build each animal using simple shapes and lines, and loads of backdrops to draw your scenes on, you will certainly be able to create a masterpiece! This Drawing Kit Includes: 1 Instruction book 1 Drawing pad 12 Coloured pencils 1 Pencil 1 Pencil sharpener 1 Eraser
$29.99 AUD $34.99 AUD

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