Mama Hen Plush Toy - Squawkin' Egg Droppin' Mama Hen Interactive Stuffed Animal

Product Description
Mama Hen is back again with a squawk and a walk sure to crack you up! Press a button to see her lay eggs as she sings a parody of Whoomp! There It Is.
  • Features sound and motion.
  • Includes three AAA batteries.
  • Lyrics: Mama Hen, back again Squawkin’, walkin’ let’s begin
    I’m about to show you how it’s done, Layin’ eggs is so much fun
    SQUAWK! There it is
    There’s an egg over here, an egg over there
    Throw your beak in the air, Shake your derriere
    SQUAWK! There it is
    Squawk a laka, squawk a laka, squawk a laka
    SQUAWK! There it is.
  • 9" W x 10" H x 10.5" D

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