Marvel Avengers Press-O-Matic Pop Up Game

Product Description

The Marvel Avengers Press-O-Matic Game is a fast, frantic and fun game for 2-4 players. Marvel’s Avengers are some of the most popular superheroes in the world right now and this fantastic game is a great way to have some family fun. All the while pretending to be your favourite superhero. So in the words of Nick Fury, Avengers Assemble!

The idea of the Marvel Avengers Press-O-Matic Game is the same as that old favourite, Frustration. Where you need to get all of your pieces back to your base before the other players. You can have as many pieces out on the board at a time as you want, but the more pieces you have the more chance another player can send one of them back to your base! So while this is a very fun and easy to play game there is quite a bit of strategy here.

The Marvel Avengers Press-O-Matic Game sees you playing the role of either The Hulk, Thor, Captain America or Iron Man which makes the game that extra bit fun as you will all want to prove that your hero is the very best and should be the leader of The Avengers. The game boasts some very nice and colourful artwork that is based right off the Avengers Assemble TV show that is very popular so you and your kids will really love the high quality and design of this game.

The Press O Matic dice makes the game even more fun. Instead of rolling a dice. When it is your turn you get to push the Press O Matic and get to watch the dice pop! Just be warned that the use of Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s repulsors, Captain America’s shield and Hulks super strength cannot be used on the Press O Matic!

The Marvel Avengers Press-O-Matic Game is a lot of fun and something superhero fans are going to really, really enjoy.
  • Avengers Press-O-Matic, A Classic game for Hours of fun!
  • For 2-4 Players
  • Ages 3+


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