Marvel Cinematic Universe Risk Board Game With Bonus Guardians Of The Galaxy Card Game

Product Description

You will have a blast with this Risk that includes two games in one Marvelous set. They’re always lurking in the background, but it seems like a lot of baddies want to conquer the Marvel Cinematic Universe… You will love the MCU version of Risk while you and your family do your best to beat (or maybe *gasp* help) Thanos, Loki, or Ultron! We’re sure you’re a better conqueror than Thanos or Loki. Right? Even better, it’s a two in one package, with a Guardians of the Galaxy card game included! A Marvel twist to the classic Strategic Conquest game of Risk! The two-sided game board includes a Guardians Of the Galaxy card game exclusive to this set.

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$49.99 AUD $69.99 AUD