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class="a-spacing-base">Give Your Bricks Some Go! class="a-spacing-base">Build and test three different walking robots—a Biped Bot, a QuadraBot, and a HexaBot— using the accessories in the kit, then add your own bricks to create custom motorized robots. Robot Lab helps young engineers develop problem-solving and experimentation skills while teaching them about robotics and mechanical locomotion. class="a-unordered-list a-vertical a-spacing-none"> Compatible with major block brands Engineer motorized robots Create three different walking robots, then add your own Lego bricks to make custom motorized robots! Make a Biped Bot, a QuadraBot, and a Hexapod using the robot accessories Includes power core, 2 leg assemblies, reversible helmet, robot head and neck, 2 robot hand grips, 2 robot feet, 6 robot arms, pamphlet STEM Focus: Engineering For ages 8 and up
Ages 8+ (Requires 3 AAA batteries
class="a-spacing-small a-size-small a-color-secondary">Includes:
class="a-unordered-list a-vertical"> Power core 2 Leg assemblies Reversible helmet Robot head and neck 2 Robot hand grips 2 Robot feet 6 Robot arms (4 straight arms, 2 bent arms) Bi-fold pamphlet

MotorBlox Vehicle Lab

Robots carry out tasks that are dangerous, or that humans can't do or aren't good at. MotorBlox Robot Lab introduces kids to basic principles of engineering and robotics while encouraging open-ended play that is fun for all ages.
Young robot designers will build bots with three different walking patterns— two-legged, four-legged, and six-legged— using the motorized power core and accessories in the kit. MotorBlox is compatible with all major block brands, so kids can use their imagination to build extreme robots using their own brick collection.
The designer's manual teaches kids how to experiment and apply principles of engineering to improve their robots. The manual includes challenges to help kids put their creations to the test by applying tactics used by Real roboticists! Bonus: Learn tricks and tips from SmartLab's MotorBlox experts!

Play Together! At SmartLab, we know that something wonderful happens when parents and children share light-bulb learning moments. That's why our toy and game designs focus on hands-on experiences that help nurture strong family bonds. Since 2008 SmartLab's S.T.E.A.M. toys have earned more than 50 of the toy industries' most prestigious awards including multiple Oppenheim Platinum awards, Good Housekeeping Best Toy awards, and Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year awards. SmartLab's passionate team of toy creators lives and plays amongst the beautiful mountains and lakes of the Seattle area.

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