My Giggle-icious Box of Books

Product Description

This Giggle-icious boxed set contains the following hoot-tastic, full-sized board books:

Bird Bath Boogie and;
Sweert Dreams

Join Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the owl as they take a ride in their Gigglemobile, do the Bird Bath Boogie together after a busy day, and then sing a Sweet Dreams lullaby when it's time to go to sleep. The perfect gift for fans of Giggle And Hoot!

About the Author

Giggle and Hoot is a TV wrapper programme for the Australian children's channel ABC2. It also aired on ABC1 in 2010-2011, but was later discontinued on that channel. It began in 2010. The show depicts of the adventures of Jimmy Giggle (James Rees), and his best friend Hoot the owl (played by Hamish Fletcher).

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