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This ZZAND Oh Soooo Satisfying from CreativeKids is the perfect gift for kids that love to get really "hands-on" with their creative play. This is special play sand that is not sticky and does not make a mess all over the house!

With this ZZAND Oh Soooo Satisfying, they get two large bags of the magical ZZAND play sand that is specially and cleverly designed for kids that love to be creative when they play. This special sand can be sculpted and moulded into pretty much anything that they can imagine! This is a fun way for them to really flex and embrace their creative muscles and imagination. As well as the two large bags of ZZAND play sand, this set also comes with some fun and creative tools for them to use.

This set comes with three different tools that will allow them to crush, scoop, chisel, shape, and more! They can really get creative here or just have a whole bunch of satisfying fun by smashing and crushing the sand! Best of all, there is next to no mess with ZZAND! Other play sand can get everywhere, be uncomfortable to play with, and end up being all sticky and gross, you never have those types of issues with ZZAND!

Suitable for ages 3 and up

Key Features:

  • This set comes with two large bags of ZZAND
  • Children can be creative and come up with all kinds of cool things!
  • A set like this is a great way to help a child embrace their creative side
  • Thanks to the clever design of ZZAND, there is no mess when children are playing!
  • Inside the box are three tools that they can use to create cool things with