One Pot Screamers Easy And Low Cost Meals In One Pot

Product Description
One Pot Screamers is a collection of recipes for meals that are hearty, nutritious, easy on the wallet and, best of all, a breeze to make with minimal clean up required. They also are dishes that make for great leftovers the next day.

The book is the creation of a busy mother of four and old-fashioned wiz in the kitchen Dee Dickson who teamed up with her old friend and writer Scott Podmore. Over a glass of wine on her front lawn one day, the One Pot Screamers dream was born and it was decided Scott would be "chief guinea pig" and editor of the book project. Dee got to work making, testing and refining the recipes. This book is the result.

The inspiration for One Pot Screamers was driven by Dee's desire to have a one-stop-shop-type scenario for making meals; a book with recipes that were quick, easy to make, fuss-free and, most importantly, nutritious. A simple formula: slip into a pot, slip into the oven, slip onto the dinner plates, slip into the dishwasher.
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