Peppa Pig Backpack & 4 Book Set

Product Description

If your child likes Peppa Pig then they will be as happy as George when he is rolling around in the mud when they get this fantastic, Peppa Pig Backpack & 4 Book Set. Peppa Pig is one of the most popular things going in the world of kids TV right now. Children just love watching Peppa, her family and her school friends get up to all kinds of hijinks. Well now they can also read about her adventures with this amazing book set!

This set comes with an adorable little back pack that is just the perfect size for little shoulders. Your child is going to look extra cute when they are walking around with this proudly on their back. The Peppa Pig backpack is actually in the shape of Peppa so kids are really going to love this. It is rather lightweight so even smaller children will be able to carry it around with ease.

The Peppa Pig Backpack & 4 Book Set also comes with four awesome little Peppa Pig story books that can easily fit inside the backpack so they can take them with them wherever they may go. These are stories that your child is going to want to read again and again and the fantast artwork in them really does bring the stories to life.

The books in the set are:

Peppa’s First Pet: In this story Peppa learns that while having your own pet is a lot of fun it can also cause a lot of trouble as well!

Baby Alexander: Peppa loves baby Alexander, but looking after him is far harder work that she thought it would be!

Peppa Goes To The Library: Peppa is amazed at all the fun and exciting books that are in her library, but will she remember to keep quiet?

Daddy Pigs First Run: Daddy Pig decides he needs to get some exercise. This funny story shows just how he gets on while on his first run!

Books Included:

  • Peppa's First Pet 
  • Baby Alexander
  • Peppa Goes To The Library
  • Daddy Pig's Fun Run
$39.95 AUD

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