Peppa Pig Aluminium Drink Bottle 400ml

Product Description

The Peppa Pig Aluminium Drink Bottle 400ml is sure to quench the thirst of even the thirstiest little Peppa Pig fan! Peppa Pig is by far one of the biggest things going these days with children from all over the world enjoy her antics. Right here we have a fantastic drinks bottle that is going to help keep your child hydrated while they are busy running and jumping around just like Peppa and all her little friends do.

This is a high quality drinks bottle that is made from very strong aluminium and it is designed for kids. This means that first of all this is nice and safe for even smaller children. But the strong aluminium that this is made from can take a real beating. So no matter if you are going out for a day at the beach. A walk in the woods or even if you child is just going outside to play with their little friends. The Peppa Pig Aluminium Drink Bottle 400ml can really take the abuse that children are going to throw its way. This drinks bottle even comes with a very handy cap that will prevent juice or water from dripping out of it.

While this is a drinks bottle that is very, very robust it of course also has that adorable Peppa Pig artwork that is sure to make kids go wild for this. Getting your children to stop playing and have a drink can be a real battle. But with the Peppa Pig Aluminium Drink Bottle 400ml they will happily stop playing for a few seconds to take a drink, get rehydrated and get ready for more playing!

No matter if you want a good drinks bottle for a family day out, for drinking in the house or even for their school lunch box. The Peppa Pig Aluminium Drink Bottle 400ml is ideal.

* Washing the drinks bottle before first use is advised.

  • Pull up spout with attached cap
  • Wash thoroughly before first use
  • Capacity 400ml
  • Aluminium
  • Measures: 18cm H x 6.5cm 
$9.95 AUD $11.95 AUD