Peppa Pig and George Pin Puzzle

Product Description

Peppa Pig is one of the most adorable and popular kids TV shows of the moment and this amazing Peppa Pig and George Pin Puzzle is not just going to provide your child with hours and hours of fun it is also going to help their development as well. There is nothing better than mixing learning and playing, especially when it is accompanied with lots of oink, oinks!

This high quality puzzle is hand crafted from wood. This is made to take a bit of a beating so even when your child likes to play rough. This puzzle is robust enough to handle that kind of rough play. The Peppa Pig and George Pin Puzzle has six different puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has Peppa and her mischievous little brother George on it. One sees them causing havoc while shopping, another has them brushing their teeth, then they are making cookies and then they are doing what Peppa and George do best and that of course is playing in the mud. This incredible pin puzzle manages to capture the charm of the show perfectly and it is bound to be something your child wants to play with for a very long time.

A huge appeal of the Peppa Pig and George Pin Puzzle is the way that it encourages a child to think. Each puzzle piece has a specific spot on the board it must go and then it must be slotted in. So as well as encouraging their thinking. This pin puzzle will also help with their hand eye coordination as well.

The Peppa Pig and George Pin Puzzle is a great puzzle and it is being sold for a very reasonable price making it something that would be ideal as a special birthday gift or even as a little something extra for Christmas!


  • Peppa Pig Pin Puzzle
  • Design: Peppa Pig & George
  • Gorgeous wooden construction
  • Encourages hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity
  • Also helps to improve problem solving skills
  • Suitable for ages 18 months and up!
$12.95 AUD $17.95 AUD