PJ Masks Snap Card Game

Product Description

Play snap with all your favourite PJ Masks characters

Includes 36 cards with characters and instructions

Fun for everyone | For players 3 years+

The PJ Masks Snap Game is a fun, affordable and easy way to have a lot of fun with your family and your favourite PJ Masks Characters! Made for 2-4 players this exciting card game brings all the excitement of the PJ Masks Show with its fun artwork and intense gameplay!

The PJ Masks Snap Card Game contains 36 cards that feature the characters from the hit TV Show PJ Masks. The idea is that this is a game where you will need to use your pup powers to SNAP the cards and make sure that at the end of the game, you are the one with the most or all of the cards!

Snap has never been this much fun and as it involves PJ Masks, this version of snap may also actually save the world!

PJ Masks Snap Card Game is a lot of fun and it is ideal for all ages. The cards are very well made and are strong enough to take a beating.

For a fun time that is not going to break the bank, The PJ Masks Snap Card Game is something that is well worth while. It manages to take an old, classic game like Snap and thanks to the PJ Masks twist that they have put on it. It has become an exciting and fun game that your children will want to play time and time again.


PJ Masks snap card game
Pack includes 36 playing cards
Instructions Included
Suitable for 2-4 players
Fun for ages 3 years+

$4.95 AUD $6.95 AUD

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