Spicebox - Fun With Color And Gel Pens - Complete With 12 Gel Pens, Flocked Cards, Stickers And More!

Product Description

In every child is an artist... and only a spark is needed to bring it out!

Whether you're making gifts for friends and family or expressing your creativity for yourself, this fun and colorful gel pens kit gives you everything you need to make beautiful greeting cards, wacky notes and a fun picture frame to display your favorite photo in! Have a blast coloring with the 12 colorful gel pens (fluorescent, glitter, metallic and more!) and decorating your projects with stickers, gems, pom-poms and crazy googly-eyes! The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild using all the colors of the rainbow!

The Kids Art Kit Includes:

- 12 gel pens in assorted colors

- 10 googly-eyes

- 12 gem stones in assorted colors

- 13 pom-poms in assorted colors and sizes

- 12 assorted fun foam stickers in various shapes

- 45 additional stickers

- 2 flocked cards with envelopes

- 1 flocked photo frame card with envelope

- 5 blank greeting cards with envelopes

$19.95 AUD $29.95 AUD