The Friendly Monster - By Guy Didelez, Ruby Kersten

Product Description

Definitely the perfect book for young kids who start to have a fear of make-believe monsters. It may be able to change their thinking and fears to have more fun with their imaginary monsters. Alternatively it could be just a fun book to read because the little boy, George, and the monster have so much fun together that it could be the right book to read in bed just before sleep.

Product Description

George is a little bit afraid of monsters. One night, a monster appears from under his bed. But this monster is funny and furry, not at all like those scary ones on television. George and the monster become best friends and play lots of games together.

But when they make too much noise, Dad finds them in the kitchen. But he can't see the monster. Apparently, George has got his own friendly monster all to himself...

A heartwarming book about fear turning into fun.

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