The Great Egyptians, Volume 2

Product Description
This series reveals the true-life stories of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt, through the tales of their battles, loves, obsessions, preoccupations and deaths.

The Mystery of Tutankhamen : The Boy King Tutankhamen may have been the most popular king in all of Egyptian history, but virtually nothing is known about him. To this day, his parentage is not known with certainty. This film will investigate: who was Tutankhamen?

The Real Cleopatra : Cleopatra has traditionally been painted as a cruel, promiscuous voluptuary but this documentary exposes a Cleopatra never seen before. This episode of Great Egyptians tells the true story of Cleopatra and the elusive victory she sought for her children throughout her life.

King of the Pyramids : King Sneferu, whose two main accomplishments are showing the Egyptians how to build pyramids and establishing Egypt as a great international power. Well trace King Sneferus roots and show how his father the Pharaoh, Huni, recognised his sons great potential and arranged for his succession to the throne.

Total Running Time : 162 minutes
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