The Little Box of DC Comics

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What is so awesome about The Little Box Of DC Comics is that this would be a great gift for a younger child, a teenager, or even an adult who has loved these characters all their life!

The Little Box Of DC Comics is a throwback to the silver age of comic books. This collection features three books, each one about one of the most iconic superheroes in DC Comics history! There is Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and each book is filled with action, amazing artwork, and a story that will have you hooked from the very first page. The whole retro charm of this collection is sure to be something that they think is very cool.

This collection comes in a very stylish looking slipcase and each book is hardback with its own incredible cover art. These books are not only very entertaining to read, but this is also something of a collector's item as it is going to look fantastic sitting on a shelf. The Little Box Of DC Comics is a tremendous collection of three amazing stories and it truly does make for an epic gift!

Key Features:

  • Each book is based on a different DC Comics Superhero
  • Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are featured
  • The set is designed to look like it is from the 1950s
  • Each story is thrilling and very entertaining
  • It makes for a great collector's item as well as being fun to read