Smurf's My First Library - 6 Individual Book's Collection

Product Description

Welcome To the Wonderful blue world of Smurfs! Enter the Smurf's Village and join Papa Smurf and all his little Smurfs in their latest adventures.

Ready for adventure? The Smurfs are! Experience all their latest adventures - from visiting alien camps to surviving Gargamel - and rediscover your love of these fabulous blue friends!

Reading is an important part of every child's life, and is elementary in helping them to develop their vocabulary! Encourage the active learning of young minds with this classic tale, you're sure to love for generations to come

Title's Included:

  • Alchemist Smurf
  • Astronaut Smurf
  • Sir Smurf The Knight
  • Giant Smurf
  • Smurf Soup
  • The Trojan Smurf
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