ZOOB 50 Piece Fastback Monster Trucks - By ZOOB

Product Description

Build the big rigs with this ZOOBMobile Fastback Modeling System that lets you build sturdy industrial vehicles that you can then play and set it in motion! Your powerful Monster Truck includes a pull-back motor that propels the vehicle up to 7.6m or 25-feet, without batteries! Set includes 50 Zoob® pieces and includes instructions to 3 awesome Monster Trucks or use your imagination and build your own!

• Create then play building system
• Durable, high quality construction
• 5 pieces snap together 20 different ways
• Fast to learn, easy to use!
• Great for girls and boys!

• 50 Zoob Pieces
• 1 Powerful Pull-Back Motor
• 4 Monster Tyres
• Complete Instructions for 3 Models

Suitable for ages 6 years+

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$53.95 AUD $79.95 AUD